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Aderyn redesign







Drakhallian Aspect(s)

Air, Light

Aderyn is the queen of Dragon Valley. Her anatomy is vaguely avian, but no one really knows what her species is- she claims to have lost all contact with her kind long ago, so the mystery remains unsolved. She's quite an awkward woman in social situations, but she really does try her best to be a good queen, defending the valley with as much care as she can- though she can be a bit overbearing and leap to conclusions too quickly at times.

She clashed frequently with the Draconine leader, Hesperus, when the Valley first came to be- this culminated in the Valley Civil War and Hesperus's eventual death at Aderyn's hands. She is immensely guilty about the event even to this day, feeling that she didn't have things under control well enough and constantly blaming herself.

When Corona first found Dragon Valley, she sent X to capture her and questioned her about her presence near the Valley, in an on-a-whim act of worry. It didn't take long for the two of them to figure out the misunderstanding, however, and the two are now friends.

She was briefly captured and corrupted by Erodon in Umbra Immortalis, temporarily serving as the leader of the Followers of Erodon, but was freed from corruption by X.


Aderyn's body is coated in downy purple feathers, with her tail, ears and wings having larger flight feathers, as normal for a bird. Her hair is a shiny bluish-purple. She wears a dull, pearly pink dress with a light seafoam corset, and a pink ruffled headband.


  • “Corowulf? They aren’t common around here...Bring her into the room. I would like to ask her a few questions.”
  • "Oh, it's alright! It was a simple misunderstanding."
  • "I won't let this happen again, I promise."


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