Altin Siroyae







Balancer Alignment


 Altin Siroyae is a low-class member of the Aeri species, under the lime blood caste. Like most Aeri, he seems rather soft-spoken and emotionless to other species, but anyone that knows a lot about Aeri body language would be able to tell you that he's an extremely sarcastic, snarky person with a bit of a mean streak. Typically he avoids others, but those that he does befriend are treated with utmost respect by him.

[to be rewritten in Neo Interstellite]


Altin wears a blue robe, wrapped around himself, alongside loose, lighter blue pants and blue shoes. His hair is silvery gray, somewhat feathery, and decently long. Speaking of "feathery", he shows the typical Aeri trait of having feathered ears, feathers on his wrists, and large wings- all of his feathers are a typical white. He has a lime tattoo across his chest, and his eyes and tongue are lime- these all show his blood color.


  • "Why does no one else show the interest in those below us that I do?"
  • "Yes, I'm sure that's a great idea. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Ugh..."


  • Altin (and the entire Aeri species) used to be part of a Homestuck AU before being retooled for fandomless use.


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