Bellatrix is...well, she's something, alright. She lives on Interstellite, and no one really knows exactly what she is even after extensive studying. At a glance, she looks as though she may have once been human, but was taken over by something unsavory- and yet, as those on Interstellite learn more and more about Bellatrix, things point further and further away from that. Besides, it's not like she's going to tell anyone what she is- other than the fact that she's definitely not a human. She knows that for sure.

She is a fun-loving girl, skilled in many subjects but with a personality so erratic that she can't put many of those skills to use. Those people who are friends with her note a distinct sense of anxiety in her presence, and often get a headache from being around her for too long, and she's also capable of bending her body at rather disturbing angles. From time to time her friends have found scraps of paper around her home written in some sort of bizarre runic language; as of yet no one has translated it, but Bellatrix seems to be able to read them just fine, and judging by what little info she's let slip, she simply writes the notes as reminders to herself. Very few people have seen her without a huge grin on her face, and supposedly those people who have...well, they haven't come back. Or that's what people say, anyway. It's probably nothing.

Spoilers for mythos story- expand to read!
Over the course of the story, Bellatrix grows progressively more ominous and peculiar with her actions, until things come to a head late in the plot and, upon losing her heart necklace- her anchor to a human form- she reveals her true form as an Eldritch abomination. She is a massive wormlike creature with her body completely split by a mouth which curls all around the length of her body. A greyish tentacle-like tongue remains curled within her mouth usually, and when she shows it her spiraling body completely splits open into two parts, revealing the tongue positioned squarely in the middle though unknown means.

Those who happen to lay eyes on her in this form quickly disintegrate into a tealish dust which Bellatrix involuntarily absorbs. Only the Poizened and those with extremely good Eldritch magic shielding, like Immortalis, are immune to this. After transforming, she loses all humanity and becomes a villain for a part of the plot. As a result of this plot, all of Interstellite- those that survived, anyway- now have high-level Eldritch magic shielding thanks to Immortalis.


Bellatrix wears a teal peplum shirt over darker teal pants, with one leg shorter than the other and showing the area on her skin where a collection of dark red, swirling markings is densest. One of said markings travels over her right eye, which is much darker in color than her left and reflects little light. She also wears a bright red heart necklace. Her hair is dark red and very curly, and her eyes are two different shades of red.


  • "Heeeey! What's up? Me? I'm just hanging out."
  • "Don't ask questions you're not prepared to know the answers to. You do NOT wanna know what I really look like, trust me."
  • "I...I don't get it. I remember what they looked like, kind of, but...the moment they saw me, I sorta shut off, and when I came back...they were gone. No blood, no nothing, but I felt me. I'm, uh...I'm guessing that was them? It was weird."


  • Bellatrix's current bio is based mostly on a joke that Silvie had regarding her original concept.


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