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Blaze Calida







Balancer Alignment


Blaze Calida is a Felidae residing in Catpaw Woods (formerly Windsong). Skilled pyromancer and prankster extraordinaire, she is mischevious and silly but quite friendly when she decides to spare someone. She is a primary guardian of the Catpaw Woods Felidae village, keeping it secret and preventing humans from entering. While she is skilled in pyromancy, she rarely uses it to its full power- mostly because she could easily start a forest fire doing that. However, she will often fill her claws with fire magic, making them appear like smouldering bits of coal, before clawing a searing gash into foes.


Blaze wears a purple shirt with pink fire-like trim, and white pants. Her gloves are purple with pink trim as well, and her shoes are purple. Her hair is lavender, very fluffy, with two curled pigtails and cat ears. She has a lavender tail as well.


  • "Haaaa~ I got you!"
  • "This is the oldest trick in the book and it works. Every. Time."


  • She won against Summer Customer in Monir's CustomerPalooza. 
  • Blaze originally belonged to Interdimensional Raven, but was given to Peridot after she liquidated her FCs off to the forum.


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