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Ceri is a scientist-turned-zombie, wandering the land along with the rest of the Bloodhearts. She frequently returns to her small hometown to visit her mother, however. She is effectively harmless, and much more intelligent than the average zombie, thanks to the capabilities of the Xenon Virus. She is warmhearted and sweet, but also cripplingly shy, rarely speaking up in conversations, unless she feels as though she has permission. She's also rather spacey and slow, often pausing mid-sentence in an attempt to remember what she was going to say. 

Ceri originally died in a hospital after a fight with her brother Axel. She was hit in the chest by a misplaced scalpel after the two of them got into a skirmish in the laboratory. She ended up bleeding to death shortly after being driven to the hospital. Axel, however, didn't want her to be gone so easily. The day after Ceri died, both of them vanished from the hospital without a trace...and another day later, Ceri awoke again in her brother's laboratory, feeling very different.

She quickly noticed something was very wrong when she held up an arm to see her skin was now dull green, and noticed Axel's conflicted expression just as quickly. Some explanation later, she learned she was deliberately infected with the Xenon Virus by Axel in an attempt to revive her- which clearly worked, but somewhat damaged her mental capabilities. To Axel's surprise, she wasn't particularly upset by this. According to her, as long as her limbs don't start rotting off, she's happy being alive again.


Ceri's skin is a dull grey-green. Her hair is bleached white; in life, it was pale blonde. She wears a dark blue turtleneck, and a red skirt. She also wears black shoes, with silver soles. Always following her is a bright red crystal heart; this contains her human soul and is what keeps her from being a mindless beast. It usually positions itself in front of her chest, but can move in any direction as long as it does not get too far away from Ceri.

Under her shirt, she has a wound on her chest- this is her death wound, and unlike other wounds she has, it won't heal.


  • "Are...are you okay? I hope you are."
  • "I won't hurt you...none of us will."
  • "Argh, that's the thing I don't like about these fun-fairs. They put the fish in the little bags, that's not healthy! Let the poor things breathe."


  • Ceri is based upon an unnamed zombie in the iOS game Dead Ahead.
  • She is highly protective of her friends. 
  • Occasionally lapses into uncontrollable rage. Often referred to by the others as “fury mode”. It's signalled by a distinct change in her voice's tone. This will wear off within a random amount of time, and is usually triggered by any harm to a friend.
  • She occasionally shows shades of smug prankster, especially around people she dislikes.
  • She deeply loves her mother, spending a fair bit of time comforting her.
  • She really likes fish. She has a koi pond in her and Axel's backyard and owns a shirt with a "goldfish" pun on it.


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