CBN-024 "Jacqui"







Balancer Alignment

Programmed neutral

CBN-024, codename Jacqui, is a courier robot originating from Titanim, who now works delivering anywhere from Windsong to Emerus and anywhere in between. She was built from very light materials and has a very fast core processor, allowing her to work quickly and be very light on her feet. As a courier she isn't well equipped for anything that may harm her, but she was built in case of that, too- the sleek, shiny bluish-white alloy she was constructed from is very malleable and fairly simple to create, allowing her to be easily repaired. She's very friendly but somewhat ditzy, and has a notable track record of accidentally dropping things on her way to deliver them. Despite how often she tends to break more fragile items, she usually escapes reprimand, as most customers find her clumsy, sweet nature very endearing and don't usually report her for it.

She always wears her jacket and rabbit ears, disregarding the courier bot uniform. She used to get in trouble for this but she never quite got what was wrong, and eventually the Titanim work staff just gave up.


Jacqui wears a light blue, ribbed shirt, black pants with blue fabric strips on the sides, blue shoes, and a blue ribbon around her waist. This is the typical Titanim courier bot uniform. Over this she wears a green patterned jacket, and she wears grey goggles with green lenses- these are attached to a headband with metallic rabbit ears on it. The ears can move and emote, but rest in a position with the right ear up and the left ear down. Jacqui also has long, flowing blue hair and medium-sized metallic wings. 


  • "Hi! I've got a delivery for you!"
  • "You did order the big Zaknon plush, right? Gosh, I hope I didn't mix you up with someone else."
  • "Whoops, I'm sorry! I must've dropped this. Do you want a refund?"


  • Adopted from Lpcarver.


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