Balancer Alignment


Okimiyage is a Bladewood Grove native who later moved to Khautagozd when another being from the forest threatened the Bladewood Grove briefly. She originally went there as a scout to determine the source of this entity and potentially destroy it, but she ended up befriending a few Black Forest natives and now lives with Cobra, serving as another guard for Laurel. She's very swift on her feet and good at strategizing, a good counterbalance to Cobra's higher strength but lower speed. She has completely set aside her initial mission, but she still frequently visits the Bladewood Grove to make sure all is well there.

She's so stoic that it can be a bit hard to take her seriously sometimes, but this is a front because she enjoys being respected. She's actually a rather warmhearted person, but tends to shut herself away from other people due to depression and past experiences with other people.


Okimiyage wears a long red cape over a somewhat small green kimono, patterned with leaves and flowers, and wooden sandals. She wears her black hair in a long ponytail, held in place with two red baubles.


  • "I was sent here on a mission. A mission to destroy you...but you aren't as bad as I thought."
  • "Sorry. I was checking up on the Grove. All is well."
  • "Don't worry about me. I', I'm okay."


  • Okimiyage is one of Silvie's oldest OCs and one of the Walfas original four, along with Moon, Raine, and Sangoire.


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