EJwNyN0KwiAYgOF78QJ0 qRuZwURCAUFXYBs8m1sU9FvdBDde75nz slR9nIQGbEXAfGpqWOqUy0YioeAoWUYAs-L5WOaWce0Y zHiJWxpXhHZdSGi6t0sIIJtowmveNXa-V1Yp9HjeHMaSnPe5wbl3c6326ltUBAM0RyO8PQuYpkA.3At5td3g0CC0qGZ-wZ7wqy3 zug

I'm thinking she'll work at the library Capilla runs, but I'm not sure where else to take her character just yet. 


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