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Rina Carmina
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Rina Carmina is Maura's sister and one of the members of the Brasspunks. She plays the electronic backing instruments. Much more humble and down-to-earth than her sister, Rina is a laid-back jokester who cares little about where the band is on the charts. She'd rather just play her music, chat with the fans, and generally be a carefree person. More often than not, fans who think that Maura is "out of their league" or too famous for them to talk to will turn to Rina.


Rina wears a sleeveless, dull jade green top, over a light floral-patterned green skirt and green-and-red boots. Her hair is cut in a bob, covering one eye, black with purple bangs. She also wears a silver star necklace.


  • "Hey, you can talk to me! I don't bite."
  • "Yeah, Maura's in her own little musical world right now. I'm less worried 'bout the charts than she is."
  • "Just because our band is famous doesn't mean I'm above y'all!"


  • Rina was created based upon the remnants of Flipverse!Lavigne when she was temporarily removed from the Flipverse.


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