Sho Hisoka






Vinny [Vinesauce]

Balancer Alignment


[Getting a rewrite; this bio wasn't very good.]


Sho wears a brown shirt with two black stripes down the front, and brown/black pinstripe pants. While he's normally not a fan of the restaraunt uniforms, he ended up keeping the belt, bow and hat that came with the Pastaria outfit, stating that he liked the color. He also wears black shoes, with silver laces. His hair is black, and somewhat messy, and he wears glasses.

His primary weapon is a blade ring, which is just big enough to fit around the brim of his hat. He doesn't use it while still attached, though, and he rarely actually puts it there.


  • "What is going on here?"
  • "Wh-...What kind of physics conundrum is this?"
  • "I'm surrounded by idiots."


  • He is nearsighted.
  • He's very afraid of eels and lampreys.
  • He was Eightball's first Papa Louie FC, and for the longest time was her only OC still at least tentatively connected to Papa Louie, before the connections were eventually severed, making him fandomless. His main image is still his Flipline image for posterity, as it is the most accurate representation of his design.


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