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Balancer Alignment


 Zaedhuth is a Zaknon, living in Windsong as a helpful pet of the Heroes. He was among the first Zaknon to arrive on Windian Earth, and he initially landed near Mythos Labs. Using this as an opportunity to check the planet for corruption, he turned the condemned building into an endless maze, using his species's spirit sense to check all who stumbled into the maze's Balancer alignment. Like all members of his species he is distrustful of chaotically-aligned beings, but is friendly around neutrally- and orderly-aligned ones. He himself is neutral.


Zaedhuth shows typical male Zaknon anatomy- a seven-foot-tall beast with thin legs that taper to a single needle-like claw, large wings with scythe-like claws on the end, a beaked mouth, two tails and three eyes. He is pink, with barred markings like Faroku, and a few blue accents here and there.


  • [Zaedhuth cannot speak. He can, however, communicate with effectively any bird noise you could think of- i.e. he whistles like a cockatiel when content, but caws like a crow when angry.]


  • Zaedhuth- and the entire Zaknon species- was created from Peridot doing a deviantPET meme on her dA.
  • His spirit sense comes from his central third eye- his other two eyes are normal...or at least as normal as an eye with a cross for a pupil can be.


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